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GTT Communications, Inc. (NYSE: GTT), the leading global cloud networking provider to multinational clients, announced today that it has been chosen by Telnyx, a supplier of wholesale voice and real-time communications services, to deploy IP Transit services as well as Ethernet services that connect Telnyx points of presence worldwide. Initial PoPs selected for service deployment include Chicago, San Jose and Ashburn, Virginia, with expansion across Europe, followed by Asia. “Our customers are working internationally more than ever before, and they are looking for a partner who can support them seamlessly,” said David Casem, CEO and cofounder of Telnyx. “We knew GTT could deliver connectivity with the reliability, performance and uptime necessary for us to realize the same mission-critical, real-time communications services we’ve offered in North America on a global scale.” GTT’s IP Transit service is delivered on its Tier 1 IP network, which spans over 250 points of presence around the world. The network is 100 percent native dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) and is built on carrier-class routing and optical infrastructure. GTT proactively monitors network performance and upgrades infrastructure to ensure it can meet its clients’ changing requirements. “We are pleased that Telnyx has chosen GTT for its network connectivity needs,” stated Rick Calder, president and CEO, GTT. “As one of the top five IP networks in the world, GTT is able to provide Telnyx with expansive reach and seamless scalability for guaranteed high-quality delivery of latency-sensitive applications, such as voice. We look forward to continuing to build upon our relationship with Telnyx on a global basis.”  

GTT provides multinationals with a better way to reach the cloud through its suite of cloud networking services, including wide-area networking, Internet, managed services and voice services. The company’s Tier 1 IP network, ranked in the top five worldwide, connects clients to any location in the world and any application in the cloud. GTT delivers an outstanding client experience by living its core values of simplicity, speed and agility. For more information on how GTT is redefining global communications, please visit

About Telnyx Founded in 2009, Telnyx is a wholesale VoIP provider that enables its customers to connect with the more than 8 billion devices on the Global Public Switched Telephone Network. Telnyx enables its customers to “Be Their Own Carrier®” through its innovative multi-tenant portal and RESTful API. Telnyx’s SIP trunking offering allows customers to buy their telecommunications services a la carte, and to scale services up and down on demand, so that they pay only for what they use. Telnyx offers a feature set that is at full feature parity with a traditional offering, providing not only termination and toll-free and geographic DIDs, but also CNAM, e911, LIBD listings, and more.

As a best-effort network, the Internet was not designed for voice; Telnyx leverages its expertise not only as a carrier, but also as an ISP to ensure calls stay off the public Internet for as long as possible. Telnyx’s proprietary technology includes a distributed switch architecture, its own global MPLS backbone, and Tier-1 interconnects at major Internet hubs worldwide. Diversity, redundancy, resiliency – in that order – are how Telnyx ensures that mission-critical voice communications are delivered 99.999% of the time.


GTT Media Inquiries: Ann Rote +1 703 677 9941 [email protected] Telnyx Media Inquiries: Ian Reither +1-312-585-5437 [email protected]


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As of 24 July, 2024
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