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Investor Relations

GTT is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

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GTT Communications, Inc. (“GTT”) stockholders, warrant holders, and prospective stockholders and warrant holders (“Investors”), please use the below link for access to GTT’s investor data site.

To register for access, please email your request to [email protected] and include:

  1. Your name.
  2. The Investor’s name (if different than 1).
  3. Your phone number.
  4. Your email address.
  5. The capacity in which the Investor is requesting access to the data site. Data site access may only be granted to (A) stockholders who deliver a joinder to GTT’s shareholder’s agreement, (B) warrant holders who are not also stockholders, and (C) prospective purchasers of common stock and/or warrants.
  6. A representation that the Investor is not a “Competitor”* of GTT.
  7. The Investor’s proof of ownership of GTT’s common stock and/or warrants (if applicable).

If the Investor is an existing stockholder that has not yet submitted a joinder to GTT’s shareholder’s agreement, please execute the joinder accessible at the below link and include such executed joinder in your email.

* “Competitor” means (i) any internet network provider, or (ii) any subsidiary or joint venture of any such company or any other person that is owned, controlled or managed by any such company, in each case, to the extent such person is reasonably identifiable as associated with the applicable internet network provider or has been identified by GTT as such to GTT’s stockholders of record from time to time, provided that: (A) the provision of investment advisory services by a person to an employee benefit plan that is owned or controlled by a person that would otherwise be a Competitor shall not of itself cause the person providing such services to be deemed to be a Competitor if such person has established procedures that will prevent confidential information supplied to such person by any member of the group from being transmitted or otherwise made available to such employee benefit plan or person owning or controlling such employee benefit plan, (B) in no event shall any bank, trust company, savings and loan association or other financial institution, any pension plan, any investment company, any insurance company, any broker or dealer, or any other similar financial institution or entity, regardless of legal form (an “Institutional Investor”) that (x) maintains passive investments in any person that is a Competitor be deemed a Competitor, it being agreed that the normal administration of the investment and enforcement thereof shall not be deemed to cause such Institutional Investor to be a “Competitor”, or (y) is an insurance company, bank, trust company, savings and loan association or any pension plan be deemed a “Competitor”, and (C) any person that GTT’s Board of Directors has determined is not a “Competitor” shall not be Competitor.

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