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Jensen Hughes at a glance

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The company gained the ability to transition from a hub and spoke to a multi-hub topology for its network architecture. All branches are now able to access the Internet directly and securely to a centralized data center for the application of central security policies, without backhauling traffic. This approach reduced latency which greatly improved performance.






No. sites

$214M (USD)

annual revenue

The Need

Jensen Hughes is focused on efficiency and growth. To continue to meet those goals, Jensen Hughes needed to upgrade its network architecture. It chose VMware SD‑WAN, managed by GTT. Leveraging GTT’s global Tier 1 IP network offered an innovative, global service that was a perfect fit for Jensen Hughes business needs.

Increase performance

Managed SD-WAN – Prioritized traffic GTT’s Tier 1 Internet backbone, ensuring the best performance. Bandwidth flexibility by allowing multiple wide area network (WAN) links from MPLS to Internet and 4G backup, simultaneously.

Cost Reduction

Managed SD-WAN – cut networking costs in half, doubled available bandwidth at each branch sites.

Operational efficiency

Consolidated and upgraded network range by leveraging GTT’s reach and streamlined software‑defined wide area network (SD‑WAN) deployment to easily onboard sites in the US as well as remote branches in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


With VMWare SD-WAN and GTT’S Cloud networking capabilities, we’ve cut our networking costs in half while nearly doubling available bandwidth at each of our branch sites.

James Rippetoe – Vice president of IT, Jensen Hughes

The GTT Solution

GTT Delivers a Truly Global Network

Jensen Hughes needed to increase network bandwidth availability to handle higher traffic volumes and enable digital growth – requiring a new approach to network infrastructure. Upgrading its network with VMware SD‑WAN™ by VeloCloud® and a global network with managed services from GTT offered simplified service management and coordination through one global network service provider, enhanced scalability and cost savings. By modernizing its network architecture and matching the network access type best suited for each site, Jensen Hughes stands perfectly poised for global expansion to drive revenue growth. 

Jensen Hughes chose VMware SD‑WAN managed by GTT for its network infrastructure needs for many reasons, including:

Cost savings. Using VMware SD‑WAN to augment enterprise network with access types such as DIA and Broadband can offer significant cost advantages compared to the price of installing new MPLS lines.

Increased flexibility. A VMware SD‑WAN approach provides bandwidth flexibility by allowing multiple wide area network (WAN) links from MPLS to Internet and 4G backup, simultaneously.

Greater scalability for business growth. GTT owns and operates a global Tier 1 Internet network which can provide connectivity to any location in the world and every application in the cloud. VMware SD‑WAN enables zero touch provisioning which makes it quick and easy to bring new locations on‑net.

A network fit for flexibly connecting to cloud apps. The company’s migration from on‑premises data centers to the cloud benefited from the ability to quickly add bandwidth as and where needed. This allowed Jensen Hughes to implement Office 365 while moving its email applications and customer data to the cloud.

Using VMware SD‑WAN with GTT’s IP backbone means Jensen Hughes’ traffic can leverage GTT’s fast core network between locations, to any destination on the Internet or to any of securely interconnected cloud service providers around the world.

Jensen Huges and GTT

Jensen Hughes works with GTT to monitor and manage its network from a central portal. Historical usage data is available at-a-glance in the VMware SD‑WAN Orchestrator via the GTT Ethervision portal, helping to quickly troubleshoot any issues at a branch site. This level of monitoring wasn’t available before VMware SD‑WAN and the consolidation and upgrade of network services with GTT, when Jensen Hughes’ network contained a variety of MPLS circuits from different telecom providers. In that situation, figuring out who to call was typically the first troubleshooting step of a time-consuming process.

It’s become difficult for Jensen Hughes to imagine its operations before implementing VMware SD‑WAN managed by GTT. Its network infrastructure now fosters collaboration and facilitates business, where in the past it sometimes served as a barrier. Jensen Hughes even saved money, especially when considering its IT operations expenses. The superior management capabilities of VMware SD‑WAN allow Jensen Hughes’ network administrators to work more efficiently. GTT’s global Tier 1 IP backbone and extensive experience with global SD‑WAN deployments has enabled Jensen Hughes’ to consolidate and upgrade its network using a range of access options.

Jensen Hughes now enjoys increased collaboration, improved operational efficiency, and significant cost savings, all due to its move to VMware SD‑WAN managed by GTT.

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