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GTT Global Tier 1 IP Network – High performance, reliable, secure

Enterprises are reliant on cloud-based applications and require a reliable and secure internet protocol backbone to ensure continuity and security to deliver on business-critical goals.

GTT owns and operates a top-ranked Global Tier 1 IP network.

Our Tier 1 IP network connects hundreds of points of presence on six continents—providing service to more than 130 countries. We deploy state-of-the-art IP networking technology by Juniper Networks, connecting to any location in the world and any application in the cloud. As a Tier 1 IP provider, we operate with 100s of Tbps of total IP edge capacity and directly connect to one-third of all internet routes allowing you to receive faster, more reliable transfer of data with minimal lag or jitter.

Our managed SD-WAN gateways, Session Border Controllers, next generation firewalls, and DDoS scrubbing centers are embedded into the IP core to maintain high performance. In fact, 70% of customer-originating traffic terminates on our network, ensuring every packet you send and receive travels over the most reliable and secure internet infrastructure available.

Real-time insights and reporting capabilities help optimize network performance to identify and correct complications quickly.

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As of 13 July, 2024
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