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Ukraine Conflict

Customer Statement

Company Statement

GTT Response to Customer Questions Regarding Ukraine
Updated: 15 March 2022

GTT is closely monitoring the conflict in Ukraine and its repercussions.

Our priority at this time is to ensure the safety of our people and our partners and to ensure we comply with the sanctions imposed by governments across the globe.

The few enterprise customer services GTT provides in the region constitute a very small part of our overall business, however we have taken the action to suspend delivery of services in Russia including any orders in progress. Our customer teams are working with the few affected enterprise customers to ensure they are informed of these changes.

This action also applies to Ukraine and Belarus on account of the safety concerns in those two countries.

In parallel we are also on a heightened state of alert to safeguard our network from potential threats resulting from the conflict.

We are advising all our customers to review their vulnerability management systems, both internally and externally. Our professional services team are available to support customers with security assessments. 


Currently we continue to maintain existing services for a few customers in the region in compliance with any sanctions. However, we will no longer be able to repair any existing services in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus if they break.

We are in constant contact with our suppliers and vendors to ensure GTT, and by extension our suppliers comply with global sanctions.

We continue to monitor the situation closely as it is changing on a daily basis. We are complying with all sanctions and our priority remains to ensure the safety of our people and partners in every decision we make.

Our customer teams are working with the few affected customers to ensure they are informed of these changes. We will also update this web page as the situation evolves.

We don’t disclose information on customer data unless specifically authorized by customers for promotional use, however the few international business customers we have with services in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus make up less than 1% of our business.

As events unfold globally, we are monitoring the threat landscape by working closely with external Threat Intelligence partners as well as regulators across regions. GTT’s IT and Security teams continue to ensure its systems and employees are protected against potential cyber-threats by following the best practices and security standards that form part of our security accreditations.

The GTT Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Detection and Response, Intrusion Prevention, URL protection and email Content Filtering platforms are fully integrated with Threat Intelligence from premium providers and kept constantly up to date. We have also increased our training of employees to ensure they are aware of and alert to any potential email threats. The GTT Incident response team is ready to react should a new threat emerge.

Threats such as ransomware, DDoS, and other attacks focused on disrupting our operations are mitigated by our standard processes of protecting our systems and infrastructure.  This is something that we consider “business as usual,” even though the situation is far from usual.  All our operations teams are very focused on our security systems and are in a heightened state of vigilance during this crisis.

While the chance of a DDoS attack on individual corporate environments may be low, we advise customers to consider adding DDoS mitigation capability to their corporate network security suite, as an added layer of protection.  Please contact your GTT account manager if you would like to discuss getting this implemented.

We have business continuity plans for our operations centers in place. These are tested every quarter in line with our business continuity ISO certification.  We have operations centers in Sofia, Prague, and Nottingham in Europe, Pune in India, and Austin in the USA.  We test failover between operations centers every quarter.  In the unlikely event of a power cut, our operations centers have back-up power generators that allow them to run independently of the national grid while operations are transferred to an alternative GTT operations center.

BGP, or Border Gateway Protocol, is the primary vector routing mechanism for the internet. GTT protects its customers from this type of attack through Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) based route validation filtering as one of the first large-scale global Tier 1 operators to deploy this advanced filtering capability throughout its entire global network footprint. 

Government Cyber Security Guidance Websites

This page was last updated: 15 March 2022 at 07:00 Eastern  Standard Time.


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