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It’s an exciting time to be at GTT

At GTT we believe that a happy workforce is the first step in establishing a happy customer-base. With that in mind we’re committed to investing in the programs that will enable our people to reach their goals!

Whether you’re a network engineer, a sales leader or an accounting expert, we have a breadth of roles based at locations across the world. Why not join us? Take a look at our current openings today.

Why GTT?

Flexible Working

Protecting our staff’s work-life balance is a priority which is why we encourage flexible working. Whether you’re office-based, home-based or a hybrid worker, we believe you should have the freedom to choose

Learning & Development

We’d like all of our employees to see they have leadership qualities – whatever their job role! Our fully inclusive program offers over 10,000 training courses to ensure that you can find a career path perfectly suited to you

Environment & Social

ESG is at the heart of our business! Our ESG Strategy includes supporting our staff and customers in their charity-work, enhancing cultural diversity within our organisation and reducing our environmental impact

Employee Satisfaction

We listen to our people and have regular surveys to ensure they enjoy working here! We want your guidance to enhance our existing programs - be it in staff wellbeing, developing skills and competencies, or rewards.

Our Values


We support customers and colleagues by taking an active interest.


We build better solutions when we work together.


We stay focused, honour our promises and always deliver.


We're a trusted partner to customers.

Why Work for GTT?

Listen to what some of our team have to say about their journey at GTT. Learn how they’ve progressed through the business; the different opportunities they’ve had; and the experiences and friends they’ve made along the way.


Get answers to frequently asked questions about the GTT recruitment process.

Go to and then click the ‘View open positions’ tab. You will now see a list of open positions. To bring up a more specific list of open positions, type in a keyword (for example SD-WAN) or a location into the search bar.

Once you have found a position you are interested in, click on the job title link. This will bring up the full job description and will display an ‘Apply’ button. Click on ‘Apply’ and you will see three options: 1. Autofill with resume, 2. Apply manually, 3. Use my last application.

We encourage you to only submit the information relevant to your job application through the GTT Careers portal as this ensures secure handling of your details at all times.

First, you will receive an automatic notification to say we have received your application. We will at this stage not request any further information from you.

Once Talent Acquisition and the hiring manager have reviewed your resume, we will reach out again with a reason for decline or an invite to take part in the interview process.

If your application has been successful, you will be invited to an introduction call with the Talent Acquisition specialist responsible for the open vacancy. The call will last 30 minutes and will consist of an introduction to GTT and further details of the position. You will have the opportunity to present your suitability for the role and to GTT and you will be required to answer 2-3 competency-based questions centered around GTT’s work culture and objectives.

Feedback from the Talent Acquisition team is passed back to the hiring manager for review. 

If the application is successful, you will enter the interview process which will either be a face-to-face competency interview or video-based competency interview with the hiring manager/hiring team.

If you are selected as the successful candidate, you will be notified by the Talent Acquisition team both in writing and verbally.

If you are happy to join GTT based on the terms outlined by the Talent Acquisition team, a written signed contract will be sent via email and background checks will be initiated. Upon successful completion of the checks and receipt of your signed contract, onboarding will commence on the agreed-upon start date. The Talent Acquisition specialist working with you during this stage will be available to help you with any questions.

Unable to find the answers you’re seeking? Contact Us for customer support assistance.

Hear from our employees!


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